Virtual business

When we talks of virtual, we simply refer to something that exists by its virtuality. That’s not in real sense or physical sensibility. My physics teacher taught me of an image as good example of something that is virtual. In business this refers to the implementation and working procedures of an organisation through advanced Internet layout and work in and out flow.

Instead of the office being built physically using bricks and whatever,it’s built through the Internet digitally or electronically. Everything is in that order and several people are hired to monitor how the computer is carrying the various tasks. That’s to say almost 90% of the tasks work is computerised.

To get clear understanding of how virtual business operates , click the link below.

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meet John , a humble gentleman with a strong Christian background. Born and raised on the terrains of Central Kenya. A silent learner and always willing to explore. Loves working with others and especially in community based organizations.

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