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Online advertising

  Advertising is the mere act of letting or making an informal information of an availability of a good or services at a designated point to the targeted audience. This in the business world is what we can refer to as marketing,thus when we refer to online advertising ,then we are talking of online marketing. 

In order to achieve your goals marketing has to be done in a professional techniques using all the modern technology tools around . marketing  methodologies are ever increasing and you will have to keep pace with what technology development is trending .

In post you will be able to know of ;

■whats marketing and it’s contents

■various types of marketing and their suitability

■various marketing tools

■marketing / advertising networks

■affiliate marketing and programmes

■advantages of marketing

■the pros and cons in online marketing


This is entailed post covering all that you will ever require to know in your marketing journey. The post is outsourced from the Wikipedia . click the link below to access more vibrant knowledge!

Published by Deovolente

meet John , a humble gentleman with a strong Christian background. Born and raised on the terrains of Central Kenya. A silent learner and always willing to explore. Loves working with others and especially in community based organizations.

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