25 Fantastic Places To Promote Your Blog For Free

Writing your blog posts is only but a part of the journey to achieve your goals ..as a business you will have to monetize your work to make money. This brings us to what is referred to as business marketing. This involves the means by which your posts reaches a greater population in an effective …

20+ Trending Products to Sell in 2019 | Find Trending Items to Sell

As the year 2019 clears a third of its own ,I guess it’s not yet too late to find something that you can do for the other three quarters portion left. The link below is a thorough researched work with low probability of letting you down. Click on to learn more. https://www.oberlo.com/blog/trending-products

The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2019 | Fast Company

Innovation is the process of adapting creativity and putting it into action to acquire more sophisticated solutions. This may require basic knowledge on the field combined with some other external forces or implements to catalyse the processing. To get a better knowledge on how innovation is outdoing the normalcy click the link below. https://www.fastcompany.com/most-innovative-companies/2019

Virtual business

When we talks of virtual, we simply refer to something that exists by its virtuality. That’s not in real sense or physical sensibility. My physics teacher taught me of an image as good example of something that is virtual. In business this refers to the implementation and working procedures of an organisation through advanced Internet …

16 Cool Inventions That Will Take You to the Future

What lays ahead of us in the next or several years to come is a great concern for those who have better predictions in conjunction with the ever emerging technicians scientific development. To get a glimpse of some of the predictions click the link below. https://brightside.me/creativity-design/14-cool-inventions-that-will-take-you-to-the-future-327860/

Science and technology studies

What is the relationship between science and technology and how far do the two work together to support a better social life?.While science basically interacts on learning , technology brings the advancement or the inducement of acquiring better scientific end results from the already achieved results. The world as a society requires both for a …