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Women is a general term in reference to a female in gender terms in terms of being an adult. This differs from one country to another. Women since the patriarchal times have been marginalised but are now catching up with the men .Today women have stakes in almost all the fields .Intially there some works reserved for the men versus those for the girl child. I thank God for this is no more as agitators of gender equality movement move on. To learn of how sisters are fairing in the world of the business continue reading. http


Eleven business ideas to try in Africa in 2019.

Opportunities are everywhere all over the world waiting to be exploited . As we speak right now there are amazing opportunities, untapped !.Just to your research and you amazed how much resources there are even in your neighbourhood. That’s why we says eyes that see and eyes that looks”.

Africa though not yet at it’s primal development stages has best yet to be tapped resources. The resource if exploited with due diligence is so promising and only requires the manpower and the capacity building to do the miracle.

Kindly see the below entailed step to step follow up of how the continent is fairing in this multi million untapped diverse fields in different countries.


Eleven online business ideas to try.

The world population is growing at an alarming rate as the general natural resources dwindle. As countries try to achieve the vision 2030 goals,several changes have to be met here and there bringing more innovations that are driving the world.

Technology is transforming the world. Researchers in all the sectors be it medicine, business, education etc are doing their best to see that technology is incorporated in all the sectors.The church is now using bible app in preaching and tithing. That’s where we are now.

Days are gone when rationality was the order of the day. You see, initially to make money you had to do odd jobs manually but as for today we are using the computer and phones to achieve most of the tasks.

Let me takes you through the various methods you can apply to make money business- wise with the assistance of the modern communication technology. Anyway with the arrival of the Google smartphones ,things have changed so quickly.

Before I explain the various tested methods, it’s worth taking you through the various factors you must reconsider before getting into any business. After you have made up your minds that you want to earn your living through a business, sit down and formulate the way forward. Ask yourself the how’s,which, where, the whence and the do’s and don’ts questions.

*which is the best business you can start

*Do you have the resources required like the manpower.

*consider capacity building

*legal issues

*where the business will be hosted

The market and the expected competition

*The demand for the products/services that you are to offer.

*The risks and room for expansion.

*The exit.

After considering the above factors, sit down and come up with a well defined business plan to spearhead the business.

They say’s “the end justifies the means” you may start your own business or earn through somebody else provided the method used is justified. See the below methods;

  1. Buy and sell domain names

A domain name simply refers to a website address e.g smartphone. Org.There are so many extensions (.com,. Co.UK,.net etc)

Domain names are registered with the various website hosting companies and are almost in every country. There are two types; one is free while the other is paid. Since there are so many websites in the world, to get a name of your taste,you have to pay.

Registration fee is so minimal, as little as £1.99 with 123reg.co.UK.The issue here is to buy from the hosting company and later sells at a higher price to those who are starting new websites. You must do a thorough research as to the viability of the name which it will have in the future. Premium domain names can fetch even million dollars on sale. “Vocation Rental” was sold in 2007 for a cool 35 million dollars.

Sedo.com” is a platform where you can list the names for sale. While buying domains, consider the commercial value of the name and the impact it has.

The more the names you buy’s the higher the profit you should expect. Some of the companies offering domain names services are like the Blue host,Godaddy,Site ground and Inmotion.

Alternatively, buy the domain names which have been deactivated, that’s they are no longer in use . You can later dispose these later.

2. Blog.

A blog is a platform where one expresses his or her views or opinions in one or more diverse subjects.

Basics requirements are an internet connected phone or a computer. The field is so crowded hence to make money here you have to be really organized. What are you supposed to do to get paid?.You have to start writing in whichever field you thinks you can write the best. That’s what we refers to as blogging.

Basically, to make money, go ahead and create your website where you will be posting whatever services you will offer. Alternatively, you can write for someone else or a company and get paid . There is also guest posting.

Let me take’s you step by step on how you make the money.

Step 1._ do a thorough research on the essence of blogging and the impacts it will have on your clients. What problems will you solves and how are you going to do it. Again look into your taste in the field of your choice taking into consideration the competition ahead. Draw your roadmap and then strategize on how to monetize your work.

Step. 11_ Create a website. This must be done on successful platform like the WordPress. Org.Again buy a domain name from a stable hosting company like the “Blue host”. Anyway, there are various website platforms to choose from as well the hosting companies. The above are my personal recommendations.

Step. 111_ Add on links on the various media In order to get your first visitors. After this you will ponder out on how to monetize your site.

Tactics to make money on a website are so many and it all depends on how well you will do it. Before indulging any tactics, ensure that your site has” customers appeal ” in addition to a good” search engine optimization”status bring in the required traffic. Traffic refers to the numbers of the visitors your site attracts.

After laying the foundation, you will require external and internal links to the site. This is to guide both the Seo and the client to the site

Some of the methods that advertising companies and bloggers use to make money are like;

*Do products promotions


*Affiliate marketing

*Sells your very products, etc.

Blogging is simple but requires a lot of research as the competition is so huge. The more appealing the blog is the more the traffic and the more the visitors hence the higher the chances of the income. All that depends on the SEO.

If you would like to start blogging either for hobby ,part-time or full-time career, kindly subscribe to my email and I will assist you for free.

3. Do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the selling of someone’s or a company’s good’s or services only to be paid. The payment is usually fixed, either on percentage basis,products sold or the number of clicks made.

To make a sales it’s important to first advertise the products or the services, hence the need to have a website You acts as a mediator ,that’s between the company and the client.

Large warehouses often offers willing affiliates links to enable them to promote and sell on behalf of a company. Every time a client uses your link to make a purchase, the company pay’s you a commission. The commission is a defined percentage of the sales price. With so many affliate links,warehouses are able to do higher business.The trick here is to join multiple affiliate links.

Majority of the big shopping houses like the Amazon, E_bay ,Etsy etc are using this tactics to do their businesses. To understand affliate
marketing better I would recommend you read the following books.

1.Mitchelle schroedder book

2 The She Approach book

3basic affiliate marketing

Funny enough, you can also sell the services through your website or simply create a Facebook page, invite all your friends to join it and post the affiliate offer there.

Affiliate falls into three categories ;

1.click/ cost per pay. _referred (CPP).

2.cost/ click per lead_referred to as (CPL).

3.cost/ click per action_referred to as (CPA).

Since affiliate marketing is so broad I would advice that you take your time on the above books.They are simple books to read and easy to understand.

It’s one of the best sector to work from as it’s stress free and anybody with basic education can do it. Word of caution ,before registering to offer your services to any boss/ company research on ones etiquettes. This will assist from wasting your time and resources. Anyway its worth knowing that not all will pay’s you back

4. Becoming a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant happens to be an employee on virtual basis I.e not real.That reminds me of my physics teacher teaching on the types of the images. Back to the point.The assistant is hired on occasions as the need arises. Today, virtual assistants are replacing the normal company secretaries and the personal assistants.

A good communication between the virtual assistant and the company one is working for is very important. The assistant carries out minor tasks on or on behalf of the boss.He or she is assigned duties like posting mails,getting documents from other offices, pay bills and such other odd tasks.

The rate of payment is based on hourly basis. You might have learnt that nowadays everyone is so busy such that time to handle out some of cores is neglected. Remember , these simple odd tasks are part of the entire work and without them no progress may be achieved.

Look out for companies or organization looking to hire virtual assistants .This information may be available on the advertising platforms’ like the media ,newsletters etc.
Sometimes you will be required to have some skills that can help you carrying the tasks.companies may be looking for an assistant who can ride either biscycle or a motorbike.Thus you must be willing to incorporate changes as situation may demands.

5. Rental equipments.
As cities continues to develop,the more the numbers of constructions are taking place.sometimes you finds that the person who has assigned the tender does not have all the equipments required in the facilitation of the building.The constructor will have no other option than to  find from where to hire the equipments.

How do you start this business? .The first thing is to do a thorough research through those who are in this field. Ask them questions to come up with a good solution that addressees a problem you want to solve.Get information on what tools or equipments are used most,their prices and the quality or makert .Learn maintenance and where to get the services. Start low as you increase the inventory ,as you learns on the field wits.

Lastly, know your competitor‘s and what price they are offering their services

Consult Someone with a legal knowledge to draft for you a lease agreement‘s. Remember you will be dealing with strangers. Set out the terms and conditions to guide lease.

Start a website where you will market your business. The website has to be very informative with details of the owner’s contact, physical addresses and the services you. are offering.

Sometimes it may be wise to start with only specific equipments or tools.Where the equipments are heavy, you must arrange for the transportation or how the equipments gets to the construction site.

The field is ripe and if well exploited one can make a lot money. It’s also worthy sourcing your equipments from second hand dealers and later replace with new ones as the business picks on.
6. Rent to rent.

Big minds, big results. Wake up one morning and find out if you by can get a vacant hall or a single big room for hire or lease.Luckily if any,then, why proper arrangements you can make real money. But how?. Oh continue reading and I will show you the tricks.

Big minded people are using this tactics to make a lot of money. Talk to owner and explains to him of your “Intent’s”. Tells the owner that you would like to redesign the hall if granted permission. Let the owner knows that you intends to partition the hall into multiple rooms. You must utilize your wits combined with humility! otherwise the owner may refuse. In case he/she agrees, then knows that you are through.

Okay now,from the big hall,do you know that you can come up with roughly sixty cubicles. How?one ,divide the hall into two lengthwise ,leaving out a small allowance that shall be used as an entrance. From the length, divide out into thirty equal portions.Do the same on the opposite side and you will be amazed to find that you have sixty cubicles at random.

Advertise the rooms using a big poster outside the premises. You can use any other method to bring the attention of the community on the availability of the rooms. That will depends on how much you intends to utilize on the advertisement. Within no time,the rooms will have been occupied and chances are you will make good money.Assume that you rented the hall at£1000 per month and you offers the rooms at £100 per month.

How much should you expects?

Total /gross income =60 *100 =£ 6000

Gross profit =£6000 – £1000


Anyway that is the profit on monthly basis but it’s exclusive of the expenses.

Note that you have invested on the construction of the rooms.

Kindly note the below factors which will be of paramount if you are to succeed.

1. Convincing the owner of your plan

2. Legal laws as per the license permit

3. The lease period in regard as per the owner input versus the take_over owner input.

a. The cost of dividing the rooms and who should bear the cost.

b. Who should bear the costs of renovation and maintenance in the future.

  • Similar principles are Ad applii in residential buildings. Note,several human Rights organizations are doing their best to lock out this business as it has its ups.They are says it’d a total exploitation of the common man.

This is one of the best field to try your hand if you have the resources required.

7. Mobile Fresh Fast Food (FFF)

Business today means doing something right at the convenient time and then taking the services to the client’s proximity.

Fresh Fast Food (FFF).think of it once again. This includes chips, Kebab’s, hotdogs, sausages, boiled eggs, etc.Do you knows that most of the people are addicted these stuff’s.

What are you expected to do and why?.By mobile here we are referring to the method by which your are doing the business. That’s ,its not stationed at a particular locality. You see, doing it at various stations as demand dictates.

Requirements for this business includes;

I. A fast truck,cart or hand cart depending on your ability.

A vending cart used to offer the services.
II. Electric power surce to produce the power or the gas.

III. Heating and cooling facilities.

IV. Utensils.

V. Cooking ovens.

VI.Others basic necessities used in a hotel.

Note,the bigger the truck or the cart the better and the more professional your business will look. In cases where the truck or the cart is small, you will be restricted to offer only a few of the categories or even a specific item.The logics here is, a truck is big,more space and thus can carry more items and still have a room ft those helping in serving the customers. To win customers confidence, the food’s have to be cooked on the truck or the cart.You see,people will want to know how you are doing the cooking, are you observing the hygienic?

Since its a mobile business, thorough research as to where and when must be done. Take into consideration of the population issues, where are people mostly gathered and at what times of the day.

Best places to take your services will include but not limited to:_

I. Sports grounds.

ii. Show grounds.

iii.Conference hall’s

iv.Recreational parks.

Note. The term ” fresh” here is restricted to the time or the period the actual acts of cooking the food happened. Fresh thus means on the spot as they are ordered.

Start small and as the business grows you can incorporate more trucks, more facilities and may be have zonal depots to operates from.

Finally, after your business has picked, open a website to market your business. The website will have opened more awareness as strangers learn of your business and how to connect or contact’s you.
8. Mobile car wash.

Have you noticed that, of late ,most of the fueling stations have stopped offering car wash services.

By starting offering mobile car wash services, you have outwits the roadside gu.What do you require to start this business?.

These are some of the must have tools for this industry:_

a. A vehicle to carry the washing equipments

b. A generator.

c. An average water tank.

d. Hosepipes.

e. Hygienic clothing.

f. An operations license.

After sourcing for the necessities, you will have to visit a portion of your would be customers doing ground marketing. By use of a well designed business card, you will be able to acquire a few customers to start you going. Make sure you have a strong network connection to avoid frustrating your customers. Remember you are not stationed anywhere and the only way to reach you is through the phone.Always be connected as you never knows when the customer may calls.

Analyze your charges precisely not forgetting of the expenses incurred on the equipments. Consider how you can run the business solely to avoid unnecessary expenses. You must not be restricted to that if the demands dictates the other way round.

  • Arrange your work on a wee defined researched timetable. Find quick options in case two or more customers call’s coincides. Know how to play your card’s well.

9. Rent your body.

This field is for those who are so courageous to the extent that one can do anything to achieve the target. You must have seen some pictures and wondered who did shoot the picture.Are you so daring to undress in front of a camera? Remember, the camera is not automatic and there’s the photographer doing the woi.If you have the courage, them there is money somewhere waiting for you.

“Ram” is a good website for those willing such terrifying jobs.

Researchers also pay to frontiers to play rôles of guinea pigs. That’s to be used in experimental tests.You may also be paid to get i involved in a clinical drug test at its beta stage.

It is always wise to measure the impact’s of the risks involved versus the money you will be paid.Note that you may lose your life even before the test is complete. Please, know the consequences before engaging iñ such odd jobs.
10. Sell on Expertise

Internet is destroying barriers even where we could not have imagined before. With the arrival of the online tutoring, it’s now possible to go global!. It’s very simple if you have some basic or average knowledge in a specific field to start an online teaching job.

To start a one_one tutoring you Wii have to list yourself on “Super of schools Traders” and UK tutors. One of the sites from where you may acquire this service is through “Udemy”. It allows anyone to create an online course (literally) on anything and the tutor is paid as soon as students enrolls.

Tutoring younger GCSE or A level students only requires an average qualified person. It’s possible to make at least £10 per hour.

Expertise selling as a business is growing so fast as more people gets more interested to acquire different types of knowledge especially the different types of Languages. Imagine earning through tutoring a language.

Sometimes you may be hired to teach children let’s say English. You only be required to teach the basics. Anyway there are so many sites currently offering these services and you only need to research on your field of choice.

11. Review app and Websites

Little knowledge they says is dangerous. Do you know you should be paid for any energy and time you spendes browsing various different websites.

A good example of a site that pays you almost for doing nothing is” user testing. com “.They gives a short task that may takes roughly 20 minutes and pays you $10 (£6.50).

To be eligible to do the reviews for different websites you only need to sign on their platform or subscribe.


The related work we have covered may contains links which means I may earn a certain commission incase a purchase is made.

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